Most assignments are submitted online, and many use a tool called Turnitin. This tool can also help you to avoid falling into the trap of plagiarising other people’s work as it provides a report on which parts of your work may have come from other sources.

You can check to make sure everything has been referenced correctly and then your tutors can then grade your assignment and return feedback to you in the same place.

If you're concerned about the status of Turnitin, check if there's a known problem.

Usually all assignments for a module will be in the Assessment section though some tutors may have put them in other sections. Click the Assessment link the menu on the left to view the Assessment area.

You should then see a list of any assignments, or information about assignments, for the module.

Click the upload submission icon or the Submit tab. You will then see the submission area.

tii student inbox

  • Submission method will likely only offer the file upload option although some tutors may also offer the opportunity for you to enter text in a box. This is termed a Text submission.
  • Enter a title for your assignment.
  • If the assignment consists of more than one part select the appropriate part from the drop down menu.
  • Browse to select the file to be uploaded.
  • You will also need to tick the Notice box that confirms that you are agreeing to the University’s rules and regulations in submitting this work. Please be sure to read the Submission Declaration carefully beforehand.

tii student submition

Click the Submit paper button to continue. You will then be shown your digital receipt.

Important point: Your assignment is not deemed to be successfully uploaded until you see this receipt and have a paper ID allocated to your submission. Note that a copy of the receipt will also be emailed to you.

You can choose to Print or Close to return to the Submission Inbox.

When you’re back in the submission area you will see the title of the assignment you just uploaded alongside the confirmation of the Paper ID and date and time of submission.

Turnitin can be used for individual text-based files:

·      Under 40 MB 

·      Under 400 pages

·      Containing more than 25 words Do a word count before submitting.

Turnitin will produce similarity reports for:

·      HTML

·      Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)

·      OpenOffice Text (.odt) (except GoogleDocs)

·      Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)

·      Rich text format (.rtf)

·      Plain text (.txt)

·      WordPerfect (.wpd)

·      PostScript (.ps)

·      PDF (Note: files saved as PDF from the original only, do not use file converters)

·      Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pps and .ppsx) (Note: does not support presenter notes, embedded video, animations or text with visual effects)

·      Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx) (Note: displays as if it were a PDF)

Other files formats will be rejected. Including screen captures, video and none text PDF's

If Turnitin Origininality Reports are turned on you will be able to view your score in the submission inbox area. Remember that it can take upto 24 hours to generate this report. Click the score to open the full Turnitin Originality Report.

tii student view score

Please note: There is no such thing as “acceptable” threshold of marks on Turnitin. No score is inherently bad or good.

  • Turnitin scores are only an indication. Marks are not awarded on the basis of the similarity score. The similarity index (total percentage) on the report is related to the amount of text in the document you submitted that has been matched with text available elsewhere.
  • The tutor has discretion to decide whether the quoted material is legitimate or not; Turnitin only finds matching texts from electronic sources available to it. The decision to deem any work plagiarised is made carefully, and only after in depth examination of both the submitted paper and suspect sources in accordance with the standards of the class and institution where the paper was submitted.
  • It is not designed to identify or judge whether the assignment contains plagiarised material. The similarity index (the total percentage) is not used to “detect” how much plagiarism a piece of work contains. Instead it provides evidence upon which plagiarism can be more readily identified.
  • Turnitin can be used as a tool to help you identify when you may be relying to heavily on quoted material, and when your referencing may need to be improved. It is not to be used in place of your own conscientious approach to acknowledging sources used in your work.

If resubmissions are allowed by your lecturer, you can resubmit as many times as you need until the deadline.

Click the View assignment link underneath the relevant assignment title and you will be taken to the Submissions Inbox. If your tutor has set up the assignment to allow resubmissions you will see that the assignment is still Active.

tii student resubmission

You can resubmit in the same way as you submitted originally.

Please note: When you resubmit an assignment to Turnitin your Turnitin report score will return to processing. It may take up to 24 hours to generate the new report score.

If at any time you want to check what you’ve submitted or just get a copy of your assignment then simply click the download button in the assignment submission inbox (down arrow).

tii student download

There are two ways to view your grades and feedback. You can go through My Grades or you can go through the assignment link where you submitted.

Important point: You will unlikely be able to view your mark and feedback until the Post date for the assignment has been reached. This date can be found when you view the Submissions Inbox for the assignment.

To do this, click your profile tab and select My Grades from the menu.

my grades menu

You will then see a list of assignments with grades available. Click the title of the assignment for which you want to see feedback.

Alternatively, access the View assignment link from the Assessment page to access the Submission Inbox.

Tii student view feedback

From here you can:

  1. Select your score for this part of the assignment to Open in Grademark. You can then view the comments and feedback given by your tutor for this submission.
  2. View the overall mark for the entire assignment. Remember this number might be the aggregation of the results from more than one part, if your assignment consisted of more than one part
  3. Select the percentage index value to View the Similarity report.

Make use of the toolbar buttons to the right of the assignment to move between viewing your feedback and the similarity report. An overview of the buttons and their actions can be found below.

Tii student toolbar overview

  • In text comments appear as blue bubbles – Click on a comment to view the entire comment.
  • If your tutor has used a grading rubric you will be able to see the breakdown of your grade against the rubric criteria by clicking on the rubric button (a grid of squares). You can access the rubric from the general comments section.
  • If your assignment consists of several pages you can move quickly to a particular page using the page selector tab found to the top left hand corner of your assignment.