For recording at a desktop, you will need a suitable microphone to record audio. If you want to capture video input, you’ll also need a webcam. You’ll then need to use the recording software to make a recording.

If you are making a recording from a machine based in a teaching room, you should find that the Panopto recorder and a microphone are already available. If you are using your own device, you will first need to download the software 

Panopto can be found from within a Blackboard module.

Open the module,

Select Communication and Tools,

Then Panopto Content

Here you will find listed the full set of recordings that have been made by your tutor for that particular module. If your tutor has set up the module’s associated Assignment folder, you will also be able to access it from here.

Create a recording

To create a recording in Panopto you can either do this online in your web browser or you can download Panopto to access on your desktop.


Panopto Capture will allow you to create a recording within a web browser instead of downloading the desktop application. 


You can download Panopto to create a recording on your desktop. 

To download Panopto, follow the guidance above for Accessing Panopto and select the Create button and there you will find download options for different Microsoft or Apple computers.

Upload a recording:

As well as using Panopto to create a recording, you can also use Panopto to upload pre-recorded video/audio. 

Your personal folder – ‘My Folder’

As a student, you will be able to create/upload a recording to you’re my folder which is private, or an assignment folder in a module.

My Folder is a personal area where you can create and share your own videos. You can’t share this folder however, you can share individual recordings, or move any of the contents in this area to another folder.

You may be asked to submit a video file (e.g. a presentation recording) for an assessment. 

To do this, go to the assessment area of the module in Blackboard, find the assessment submission link and use the guidance provided below for step by step instructions on submitting your video assignment.

Learning and teaching sessions may be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded in an online/in-person session, you can turn off your camera and mute microphones or if you are on campus move to a position off camera. 

© 2021 University of South Wales and its licensors. All rights reserved. This recording has been made to support your studies. You may view it for your personal, educational use. Further redistribution of teaching materials, including making copies available on the internet, is not Permitted. 

Caption disclaimer: This recording has closed captions. These captions may have been automatically generated through speech recognition software and may not be fully accurate. Whilst they can supplement your learning, we advise you not to rely solely on the captions. If the quality of the closed captions is insufficient to support your learning, please notify the Module Leader and the University will look into how you can be supported.