Unilearn FAQs

The wellbeing and health and safety of our students and staff is paramount to us. We are committed to delivering our courses, research opportunities and other services as safely as possible. The ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that we are having to make changes to the way in which we deliver our courses and services for the academic year 2020/2021 through an approach called 'blended learning'.

How To Access My Learning Online

Blackboard is the university's virtual learning environment and this is where you can access your course and module learning materials online

Understanding the differences between My Modules and My Organisation:

My Modules

  • Module overview outlining the aims, learning outcomes with assessment summary
  • Lecture notes
  • Lecture records
  • Online Collaboration sessions
  • Module assessments
  • Module announcements
  • Module lecturer contact details

My Organisation

  • Course introduction
  • Course overview
  • Link to modules relating to the course
  • Course lecturer contact details
  • Course rep information
  • Course handbook

At USW we use Panopto, a lecture capturing software to provide you with access to your lecture recordings online through a browser or mobile advice and no downloading is required.

To access your modules:

  • ·         Log into Blackboard
  • ·         Select the relevant Module

From the module view in Blackboard, you can access lecturers through Panopto.

  • ·         From the left-hand side menu select Communication and Tools
  • ·         Then select Panopto Content

For Panopto guidance, please select this link to our Panopto supporting guidance

Reading lists can be found on Blackboard:

  • Log into Blackboard 
  • Select the relevant Module
  • From the left-hand side menu select Reading List
You can go directly to the web site https://southwales.rl.talis.com/index.html and search for the module.

Lecturer contact details can be found on Blackboard:

  • Log into Blackboard 
  • Select the relevant Module
  • From the left-hand side menu select Staff Information

Course Information

All course introductions will be on the course home page in Blackboard: 

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select My Organisation
  • This will direct you to the course home page where you will find the course induction video

The course handbook will be available in Blackboard. For more information on the course handbook please visit Course Handbook

Course team details can be found on Blackboard:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Access a My Organisation
  • On the left-hand side menu select Staff Information

Course rep contact details can be found on the My Organisation in Blackboard. 

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select My Organisation
  • On the left-hand side menu select Course Rep

Interacting Online

There are many tools available for lecturers to contact you, such as email, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard announcements, etc. Lecturers will make it clear from the start of term which tools they prefer to use.

Lecturers will create messages in Blackboard Announcements. These announcements can also be viewed in Blackboard on the Announcements page.

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select the  Module
  • In the left-hand side menu select Announcements

All announcements will be emailed to your university email account. For more information on notification settings on your device, please visit notifications guidance.

At USW we offer a range of applications for you to communicate with your peers and lecturers. Your lecturer will inform you of which applications they wish to use.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is an online web conferencing system connecting staff and students. Sessions are accessible through a web browser and no additional download is required.

Collaborate sessions will be linked to modules. To access Collaboration sessions on a module:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select the relevant Module
  • From the left-hand side menu, select Tools and Communication
  • Then select Blackboard Collaborate

For more guidance and support material please visit our Blackboard Collaborate page.


Panopto is a video management, lecture recording, and live casting software service. It has many possible uses including:

  • Recording lectures for later use by students
  • Live broadcast of lectures (to students or external to university)
  • Upload and management of video/audio resources for use in teaching and learning
  • Submission of video/audio assessments

To access Panopto:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select the relevant Module
  • From the left-hand side menu select Communication and Tools
  • Then select Panopto Content

For more guidance and support material please visit our Panopto page.

Microsoft TEAMS

Microsoft TEAMS is a communication and collaboration platform that allows chat messaging, video meetings and file storage.

You can access TEAMS through Office365

For more guidance and support material please visit the Microsoft TEAMS support page.

Yes. All students at USW will have access to a student email account. You will use this email account to access university systems. 

You can access your email account through Microsoft Office365, Outlook

If you have any password or email issues, please visit our password-and-email page.

Synchronous Learning is online or distance learning that happens in real time, where all students are engaged in learning simultaneously. This enables learners to ask questions and receive answers by collaborating with the lecturer and co-learners.

Applications which support synchronous learning:

  •         Blackboard Collaborate
  •         Microsoft Teams

Asynchronous Learning is accessing learning materials online without real-time interactions. This allows learners to complete course material without the constraints of having to be in a certain place at a certain time.

Applications which support asynchronous learning:

  •         Panopto
  •         Blackboard

Many courses will offer a blended learning experience of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Submitting Assessments and Viewing Results

All assessment information will be available to view on the module assessment page in Blackboard.

There are different methods of assessment types and this will be dependent on your selected modules. These range from written, audio, presentations, multiple-choice, etc. Lecturers will inform you of the type of assessments you will receive on your modules. Each assessment application will allow you to submit the assessment online using your own device or computer lab.

Please visit our assessment page for full details of the submitting process for each application.

Results and feedback will be available through the applications used to assess. 

For a detailed user guide on each application and assessment type please visit our assessment pages for supporting documents.