Get Started with Blackboard

University of South Wales uses Blackboard, one of the most widely used virtual learning environments, to support learning and teaching. Whether you are studying on campus, at home or somewhere else, Blackboard allows you to gain web access to your course materials anytime and anywhere.

You can also make some changes to Blackboard to suit yourself. For example, you can add your own photo to your profile, and you can change the order of information on the Home page using the ‘Personalise Page’ drop-down arrows.

Understanding the definition of My Organisations and My Modules. My Organisation is the section relating to your course and My Modules relates to all enrolled modules. 

Ally creates alternative formats for files uploaded to Blackboard by your lecturers. You can download the alternative formats anywhere you see Ally's alternative formats download icon. Just choose the version of the original that is best for your needs.

Alternative formats available include;

  • Tagged PDF
  • HTML
  • EPub
  • Electronic braille
  • Audio
  • BeeLine reader
  • Translated version

How to download alternative file formats using Blackboard Ally