Get Started with Blackboard

University of South Wales uses Blackboard, one of the most widely used virtual learning environments, to support learning and teaching. Whether you are studying on campus, at home or somewhere else, Blackboard allows you to gain web access to your course materials anytime and anywhere.

You can also make some changes to Blackboard to suit yourself. For example, you can add your own photo to your profile, and you can change the order of information on the Home page using the ‘Personalise Page’ drop-down arrows.

You will automatically be enrolled onto your modules in Blackboard. You can find your modules listed under the ‘My Modules’ tab. If you don’t see your module listed, you should contact your Campus Advice Zone

Blackboard always opens on the Home page. This page lists the organisations you are enrolled on and displays any important announcements. The tabs across the top of the page give access to the various sections of Blackboard:

  • My Modules — on this page all modules for your award are listed.
  • My Organisations — an organisation provides access to additional resources or to a wider community of learners on a given topic. To start, you will have a Course Organisation for your award, and access to the Study Skills Organisation.
  • My Results — from this page you can access provisional results for your assessed work.
  • My Portfolio — this page gives you access to your own e-portfolio: a ‘personal learning space’ where you can record your own Personal Development Plan.
  • Assessment Diary — this lets you view upcoming assessment deadlines for each of your modules. There is also an option to view the assessment dates for all your modules together, which will help you to plan ahead.

Some online assignments are submitted through Blackboard’s own assignment tool. Your tutors can use this tool to view and grade your assignment and return feedback to you.

You can view the following videos to learn about submitting and getting your grades and feedback through Blackboard assignments.