Learn your way with ALLY

Did you know you can convert files uploaded to Blackboard by your lecturers into a wide range of different formats, including mp3s and ePubs, on demand?

You can download your favourite format anywhere you see the ALLY alternative format icon on Blackboard - great for learning your way on the go. Choose from:

For all files

  • HTML – don’t want to use up your data downloading that large document or presentation? Convert to HTML for easy viewing on a web browser or mobile device.
  • ePub – prefer to use an e-Ink device or book-reading app, where you can highlight text and make notes? Convert the file to ePub and use with your favourite software.
  • Electronic braille – need your documents in electronic braille? This will convert to a BRF version for use with electronic braille displays.
  • Audio – find it easier to listen? ALLY creates mp3 versions of course documents so you can learn on the move.
  • BeeLine reader – changes the colour of text in a document to make it easier for you to focus on the words being read, helpful if you often lose track of where you are on a page or for speed reading. See how BeeLine Reader works.
  • Translated version – prefer to read in your first language? ALLY can translate course documents into 30 different languages.
  • Inline reader (online only) – find reading a challenge or need some help with comprehension?  This format opens the file in a web browser, where it will read your document out loud to you, allow you to change the font, size and spacing of the text, and add a background colour to your documents to make reading easier. It can also highlight syllables to help you understand pronunciation, and label nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to help you with your grammar.

For creating or improving PDFs

  • Tagged PDF – turn Word, PowerPoint and OpenOffice files into structured PDFs so they work better with screen readers.
  • OCR PDF – turn a scanned course document into one that is searchable and more readable.

How to download alternative formats using Blackboard Ally

How to download alternative file formats using Blackboard Ally

What format should I use?

Not sure what format to download? 

This ALLY for Students guidance page gives you more information about the format types and how you can use them.