Unilearn is the umbrella term for the integrated system and tools which support USW learning and teaching activities through technology. This page includes useful how-to guides.  You will use these tools for synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning and they include the following:

  • Blackboard - the university's VLE (Virtual Learning Environment);
  • Panopto - a video/audio tool used for recording a range of learning and teaching related activities;
  • Vevox - an interactive tool which will enable you to share your opinions, ask questions and provide feedback as part of your learning;
  • Tools for submitting your assessments online;
  • Tools to support inclusion and accessibility;

For real time tutorials and lectures, the main tools you will be using are Blackboard Collaborate, the university's webinar tool for learning and teaching, and Microsoft Teams, the university's collaboration and communication tool for instant messaging, meetings, and synchronous learning sessions. Collaborate is fully integrated into Blackboard meaning that you don't have to log in separately or download an app. Teams is part of Office 365, so you will be able to use this using your student account.  

Please note that all Blackboard guidance refers to your modules as your course(s). You will find all course information in your course organisation, and all module information in your modules. 

Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard is the university's virtual learning environment and this is where you can access your course and module learning materials online.

Interacting Online

At USW we offer a range of applications for you to communicate with your peers and lecturers. 

Submitting Assessments and Viewing Results

There are different methods of assessment types and this will be dependent on your selected modules. These range from written, audio, presentations, multiple-choice, etc. Lecturers will inform you of the type of assessments you will receive on your modules.