Adding money to your account

Online or in person

Student accounts need to top up the print balance in order to print. You can top up your account in two different ways.

You might like to top op online because it's convenient when you don't have money on you, or you might prefer the kiosks in the library when you're in a rush. Online has a minimum spend of £5 top up whereas the kiosk can accept a minimum 5p, the price of one black and white page.

Top up here to instantly add money to your account. Follow these steps to add money to your printing balance.

  1. Follow the link

  2. Log in with your university account

  3. Select Budget Recharge

  4. Choose how much money you want to add to your account

  5. Fill in your card details

  6. Click Okay

  7. You're ready to print



In the library opposite the Advice Zone desk.


In the library on the ground floor.

Newport Campus

In the library opposite the Advice Zone desk.

Upper Glyntaff 

Just past the main reception desk, on the ground floor.

Lower Glyntaff 

In the library opposite the Advice Zone desk.

How to use a kiosk

Simply touch your university ID to the card reader or type in your details on the touch screen to log in. From there add the total of coins you wish to top up your account with.

As a student prices per side of paper are:

A4 in black and white 5p

A4 in colour 20p

A3 in black and white 10p

A3 in colour 40p