Access your apps off campus

To access the UniApps portal please follow the steps below, this is based on first time use and that you have admin rights on your personal device.

For applications that are listed as unavailable this is likely due to licensing restrictions. Please click the information button on the app to check for the requirements.

Over time more applications will delivered using CloudPaging technology, this allows the software to be streamed and locally virtualised, making applications available anytime, anywhere. In the meantime, on most of the apps there is a link to the developer's website for information / external download, where possible. 

Please navigate here and sign in with your University e-mail address and password.


Click the blue box to to install AppsAnywhere for the first time on your device. 


Click on run on the downloaded file to install AppsAnywhere


Click Next to continue with the setup wizard 

setup wizzard

Click Next to confirm installation

confirm install

Click Yes to allow AppsAnywhere to be installed on the device


Click Close when the installation is complete

close installation

Click to the "Always allow" box and click "Open AppsAnywhere Launcher".


Validation will now commence


The UniApps Portal will now display

Uniapps Image

If you click an application that is streamed from the Uniapps server, Uniapps will need to install the Cloudpaging Player on the first run. This will happen automatically if you click to launch an application. 

Below for example, I click Launch on 7-Zip.


The Cloudpaging Player has now launched and is running 7-Zip.


If you close the Uniapps website the Cloudpaging Player will continue to run. Closing the player will minimize it to the taskbar.


To completely close the Player, right click the player icon and click exit.


Students - Most applications are accessible off campus, whether they are installed locally or available via download. You will notice that some applications are available via remote connection (currently via Citrix). You can find more information on the link below.  

Remote in to a campus PC

Staff - Most applications are accessible off campus, whether they are installed locally or available via download.  You will notice that some applications are available via VPN, this is because the software needs access to the license server.  You can find more information here on the link below.  

VPN Information

Approved software is available via UniApps.
To request software not yet available please ask your faculty IT co-ordinator to raise a PoB case. They need to do so via the Software Request Form. (This will require further information regarding your requirements, vendor & software details and a justification).