To use UniApps please login here: https://uniapps.southwales.ac.uk/

What is UniApps?

UniApps enables application delivery to any device in any location. It is a platform that Universities use to provide students and staff with on-demand access to a wide range of software applications.

CloudPaged deliveries, provided through Uniapps, streams applications to end-users, optimizing performance and resource utilisation. It enables seamless application delivery by providing only the necessary components to the user's device, reducing the need for local installation and improving efficiency.

In cases where it is not possible to deliver the program via Cloudpaging, UniApps provides alternative launch options or a link to the developers' website for further information.

Improvement Timeline


July Preparation for upgrade to 3.1
August Rollout of new version and testing phase
September Deprecation of old version 2.11

New features for end users: -

  • Google Search style interface with recent apps, favourites list, categories and new sections for finding apps more easily and quicker.
  • Dark Mode
  • Hardware detection to give advice on how apps will run on your machine.
  • Welsh language option is now easier to find in the modern menu.
  • Pre-launch dialogues have been added to inform users of important information.
  • Improved accessibility for systems like screen readers.
  • Multiple big fixes

This is the same Uniapps platform you know and love but now with extra features and greater reliability.