Options for Students

Changes have been made on this page to support remote working during COVID 19

You can access computers in your campus library, check out the library opening times to see when they're available. There are also open access computer labs all over your campus available for you to use.

Free Software

The University has made a large amount of the software you need for your studies available to you free of charge, to download onto your own devices. Find out what software is available.


There is an increasing demand from students and staff to access software applications on devices both on campus and off campus.

UniApps addresses this need through a web interface that gives students and staff access to all the software they need, from a familiar and customisable app store-style portal.  Find out how to access UnipApps.

Accessing Computers from Outside the University.

The availability of free software via the links above should allow you to get the software you need for your studies and should be your first point of call find what you need. 

There may be times where you need to remotely access specific software on a computer from outside the university. Using LabSoft and our Remote Desktop Gateway allows this.

Guidance on using LabSoft and our Remote Desktop Gateway 

You can contact customer support for help with these services or you can call on 01443 482882 

We have a variety of Media and AV equipment, most of which may be booked and borrowed for a period of 1 to 48 hours, and use an online media booking system, Connect2.


Use this system to book equipment for collection from your Faculty’s Equipment Loans Stores, Advice Zone, or Information & Service Desk in your campus library.

  • Laptop loans — Students can borrow laptop computers from the Advice Zone or Information & Service Desk in your campus library.
  • Media equipment loans — In addition to some media equipment being available for general use, specialist equipment is available to specific courses and may require induction
  • Media & AV — portable media equipment is available for loan using the Connect2 booking system. Audio-visual presentation facilities are available in theatres and teaching rooms.

Our Media Services provides facilities and support for students, particularly those producing and editing their own audio and video programmes as part of a practical media module.

You will find high quality media facilities and services at each of the University’s sites, and video camcorders, audio recorders and related equipment may be borrowed from Media Reception, subject to written confirmation from your tutor.

Editing suites are also available, and if you want to brighten up your soundtrack you have access to our library of Music Clips and Sound Effects. Selections from this extensive professional sound library may be added to your media production, subject to compliance with license conditions.

Due to COVID restrictions, IT Services are working with other teams across USW to help increase access to suitable Devices/ PC equipment.

Short term loans can be arranged via the Advice Zones on each campus. 

We have several USW IT laptops available for our students to loan over varying periods.
Longer-term equipment loans can be requested and authorised via your faculty IT Coordinator, who can be contacted by your course academic.

Treforest  Campus

  • Treforest Library  - 96 laptops
  • Brecon -  60  laptops 
  • Glyneath, G410 - 24  laptops 

Cardiff   Campus

  • Cardiff Library - 24 laptops & 24 Macbooks
  • The Street - 60  MacBooks

Glyntaff Campus

  • Glyntaff Library -   24 laptops
  • Elaine Morgan Building, the Zone - 48 laptops
  • Upper Glyntaff, Matrix Cafe - 48  laptops 

Newport Campus

  • Newport Library - 12 laptops
  • Foyer -  48 laptops 

Sports Park

  • SPSC113 - 60 MacBooks 

Term- long laptop loans  

We also have a number of devices that course leaders will be able to request on the behalf of students. Students should speak to their course leader if they would like to request one of these devices and the faculty will liaise with IT Services to arrange distribution.

There are also more bookable through Connect 2