Adobe CC 2019 in a lab environment

This guide details the extra steps required to run Adobe 2019 applications and onwards.

This procedure needs to be followed for both Mac and PC platforms

Run your Adobe Application of choice, in this example I am using Photoshop 2019.

 Window Process.png

Above shows Photoshop 2019 on a Mac, below shows Photoshop 2019 on a Windows PC.

Photoshop on PC.jpg

You will be presented with a sign in window. Here, please type in your email address. In this example I am using the 00000001 test account.

Sign In.png

On typing your email address and clicking in the password tab, the screen will re-direct.


The University of South Wales sign-in page will load. Sign in with your email address. Click Next.


A new window will pop up asking for your password. Please enter this and click Sign in.


Choose Yes if you would like to remain signed in to this machine.

Stay signed in.png

Photoshop will now load up as normal.


Each time you log into a PC or Mac, you will need to sign in to load an Adobe 2019 application.

Once you have signed in to load an Adobe application, other Adobe applications can be loaded without having to sign-in again.

If the lab machine has Adobe 2018 applications, these can be used without having to sign in.