Safe storage of your data and documents

Various methods of data storage are available to staff at the University.

Backed up storage

The university provides network storage for all your data and document files.

These are referred to as the ‘N-drive or T-drives’ and are accessible as a personal private file/folder structure for only you to access.

The university also provides other network shares which are used for collaborative or shared access, as well as other file-storage systems such as SharePoint.

The network shared drives are all backed up on a regular basis, so that your data and documentation is protected and restorable in the event of your computer failing.

Storage areas that are not backed up

Data or documents saved onto the computer desktop or to your C-drive are not backed up, unless you have made your own arrangements.

Please ensure that all data and documents are saved to either your network share, SharePoint or you have made a copy to an external hard drive.

For more information please see contact IT First Response on 01443 482882 or log a call on PoB