Adobe Software

Adobe Creative Cloud – Differences between “Personal” and “Corporate” versions

We have received feedback from staff and student users regarding updates and differences between the versions of Adobe products they run at home, and the versions which are present on student computers. Please be aware of the following:

  • In general, the version of Adobe which is rolled out in September of an academic year is generally the version which will be present for the rest of that academic year. We have over 1200 installations of Adobe in USW, and as well as the logistic issues, we consult widely prior to fixing on the appropriate version, and so updates will not normally be applied during the academic year;
  • The version of the Adobe suites which USW installs in the lab is going to be different from the “personal” versions which staff or students may install on their own computers at home. There may be features of functions which are not available, particularly in relation to the Creative Cloud features, which are not available to USW under our version of Adobe products and our Adobe license, this is NOT because the lab versions are not up to date.

So our advice is that if you want to be absolutely sure that projects or files you work on at home, and wish to bring into the University to continue working on, are compatible, you should not apply constant or automatic updates to your personal version of Adobe products and maintain parity with the University version, as otherwise you are likely to experience problems in compatibility. We will only apply updates to these products in-year if there is a pressing security or business need. You may also wish to consider “Save as…” as a feature, as most products will allow you to save backwards compatible file types. Requests for software updates are handled through the local IT Services support team and the IT Services Business Support Unit.