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Office 365 and Staff Mail

If you have recently had your mailbox migrated, please see the Office 365 Guidance page

Office 365 for staff and students

Alternatively you can access the software using the information below.
This offering will allow installations on multiple devices for staff and students. You will be signing in through the Microsoft Office 365 portal, but at this present time the University of South Wales is only allowing the download of Microsoft Office applications, further Office 365 functions will become available in due course.

To sign in go to Microsoft Office 365 Portal and login with your full University email address and password as shown below.

Image showing the correct login for Office 365

For staff, the login is for students it is student For help and information go to the Office in Education website.

*A small number of staff may not be eligible, such as those on HPL or fractional contracts with a low number of hours. Please contact IT Customer Support if you experience issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can students use OneDrive?

Although IT Services does not block or delicense the OneDrive service available through Office 365, it does not currently support OneDrive for students. The currently supported cloud storage for students is Google Drive. Students using OneDrive do so at their own risk.

Q: Can I change my Office 365 password?

You cannot change your Office 365 password in the application.

Office 365 uses your university password, which is automatically synchronised to your Office 365 account.

If you are being told that your Office 365 password has expired, this means your university password has expired and needs to be reset through SSAA or you have recently updated your university password and the synchronisation process has not yet completed. You can only change your Office 365 password by changing your University password and waiting for the synchronisation to complete.

You can check which password is being accepted by going to the Office 365 portal (as above) and attempting to log in with your current password; if that does not work try your previous one.

Q: Why does the website or software tell me that I am ineligible for the offer or that my University has not signed up?
The University of South Wales has fully signed up for Office 365 with Microsoft, and is currently only supporting the installing of Office applications for desktop and mobile operating systems. Please follow the instructions provided from the link above, this is the only route that is supported. You have to be a current student or contracted member of staff to be eligible (there are some minor exceptions in the case of some staff — see * above).

Q: What happens when I am no longer a member of staff or a student?
Your license will expire when your university login name and password expire, so for students it is usually after graduation, for staff it will be approximately a month after you leave the University. If your license expires, you can either buy a personal license from Microsoft, or use the software in a “read only” mode. This means you will not be able to make changes, but all of your files will still be accessible to you.

Q: What happens if I edit a document with Office 365 and bring it in to the University with me?
This depends on which version of Office you use on campus. All student labs have Office 2013 (2011 on a Mac) installed, which means they are compatible. For staff, the majority should be using Office 2010 (2011 on a Mac) which is also compatible. Staff who wish to have their version of Office updated can request it through IT Customer Support on 01443 482882.

Q: Why can’t I get Skype for Business or OneDrive?
The University has taken the decision at this time to only offer the download of the Office applications to students. Instead of OneDrive, students already have access to Google Drive, and staff have networked storage. These features will be reviewed.

Q: I can’t sign in to the portal on my mobile device
It may not be possible to sign in to the portal on your mobile device. In order to retrieve the applications for your mobile device, you must sign in to the portal using a computer that runs a desktop operating system such as Windows or OSX, and then click on the link for the Phone and Tablet apps within the portal. You can then use our guide to help you download them on to your mobile device .

Q: Will IT help me install?
The download and installation process is very simple and we’ve produced a quick guide to help you through the process. If you do experience issues however, you can contact IT Customer Support between 8.30am – 7pm Monday to Friday on 01443 482882.

Q: Am I getting a licence free copy of these applications?
No, you’re getting free use of the applications via USW’s Microsoft software licence. That’s why they are only available to you for as long as you are a member of the university. You need a valid portal account to be able to continue using the applications, even once they’re downloaded.

Q: Do I need to use my download allowance for the devices I use at work?
No, any university device will be covered by USW’s licence. Most staff PCs will be operating Office 2010, which is compatible with these Office 365 applications. If staff want to have their version of Office updated, log a call with IT Customer Support. Most staff cannot download and run programmes on their work PC without administration rights.

Q: Can I download and install the Office applications at home?
Yes, you need to download and run the installation programme on each PC / device you want the applications to be added to. In the case of a home computer, you will need to do that at home. If your home computer is a laptop, you can complete the download and installation from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet and you can log in to the portal. You cannot access the portal using a mobile device (phones, tablets etc.), so you will need PC access initially to retrieve the download links to get the apps you want – you can do this from your home or work PC.

Q: I’ve tried to download the apps to my PC, but I get an error message. What do I do?
If you get an error message when trying to run the Office installation programme on your PC, it may be because your internet connection is down, you don’t have appropriate administration rights, or you don’t have enough hard drive space for the installation to complete. In basic terms you need to be running Windows 2008 R2 or later and have 1GB RAM (for the 32 bit version [recommended]) and 3GB of disk space. Full system requirements are available here . If you need advice contact IT Support via the Point of Business system or call 01443 482882 during open hours.

Q: Can I use my allowance on any PC I have access to outside of work?
Yes, as long as you have administration rights to be able to add software to the PC/device you can download the Office suite onto any PC/device from which you can access the MS Office 365 portal. This does not apply to public access PCs/devices, equipment belonging to friends, family or employers, or PCs/devices which USW owns.

Q: Why am I limited to 5 downloads?
This is a term of the software licence agreement between the University and Microsoft. However, only downloads to desktop PCs and laptops will count as part of your allowance. Downloads to mobile devices are therefore effectively unlimited.

Q: The portal won’t recognise my mobile number to send me a text with the download link. What do I do?
When entering your mobile number, omit the first zero and don’t leave any gaps. If this still doesn’t work, we recommend you use the email option.

Q: What happens after I graduate?
Microsoft have an offer which allows graduates to buy discounted Office see their graduate offer page