NEW Online Information Channel for IT Services

September 26, 2013

IT SERVICES has launched a new channel containing all information relating to the work of the department:

The new IT Services channel, which replaces the content formerly held on the LCSS website, is the central point for information on all our services, including:

  • Getting Support — with plenty of self-help information and downloadable guides
  • IT Regulations & Policies — such as how the University’s computer systems should be used, printing terms and conditions, paying for tuition fees online, accessibility, mobile device security and guidance on social media.
  • Meet the Staff — who’s who in the IT Services department and how to get hold of them

Please go and explore our new IT Services channel and let us know if you would like us to add more information on any of its sections.

NOTE FOR CHANNEL EDITORS: Do you manage a channel which has links to IT content on the LCSS website? Would you please amend/update all IT-related links on your webpages/directories to point to this new IT Services channel. You are welcome to contact Sue Burnett if you have any queries or would like assistance on this.

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