IT Maintenance (planned ‘Change’) calendar

To minimise IT service disruption for our users across the university, IT Services has launched a change control process to allow for better planning and communication of system changes that affect our users’ environment.

As part of this process, with effect from 1st February 2018, IT Services will maintain a change calendar where IT maintenance, upgrades and other essential IT work will be outlined; staff and students will have access to this. The aim of the published calendar is to give our users opportunity to plan around such 'Changes’ and potential disruption, allowing users to contact us in advance if such work could have a detrimental impact on planned activity.

This calendar can be accessed by clicking the image below.

Please help us to provide the most stable IT environment for you, by letting us know of your planned activities and events, so that we can work together to ensure that all our users’ needs are met.

This calendar can also be accessed via our staff and student portals:

For staff, the calendar can be accessed from the front page of The Hub (link available from 1 February).

For students, the calendar can be accessed via Unilife

Alternatively, this URL can be 'bookmarked’ in your browser.

If you should have any queries relating to any aspect of the article, please contact IT Support on +44 1443 4 82882 or via