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  • SBPOG Project Requests — for University of South Wales staff who wish to submit a project request to the Strategic Business Process Owners Group (SBPOG).

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IT Services at the University of South Wales is committed to providing a supported, corporate Information Technology landscape which meets the needs of a diverse range of people and services. To this end, we primarily support the corporate browsers on Windows and Apple operating systems, which is Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on OSX. With the desktop management systems we use, we are able to monitor, patch and secure these browsers in a way which gives a high degree of confidence that they are consistent, supported across a wide-range of systems, and safe in securing our corporate and users data. Third party browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not provide an equally high degree of management tools, they are potentially subject to a number of third party plug-ins which cannot be verified, update themselves in a way which cannot be controlled, and share data across any device which a user may access, including devices which the user owns personally or which are owned by neither the user or the University. Before any requests for alternative browsers are fulfilled, ITS would wish to explore the range of “trusts” or other security settings which can be modified centrally, and which have proved to meet the needs of the systems which ITS has supported up to now.

To support the above, users will notice that ITS actively blocks attempted installation or running of unauthorised applications, including Chrome; this would not block authorised or existing Chrome installs.

Detailed technical information regarding the content of these policies can be found at Browser configuration for USW computers and Browser configuration for UNI computers