Accessing your Office PC from Home

Accessing your office PC securely from your home computer is straightforward although initially a number of systems need to be enabled before your first use.

This page guides you through these initial steps and then outlines the process users should follow to use this system as and when required.

Please note : The Wake On LAN (WOL) service is currently not available at City campus

Stage 1: Prepare your office PC for remote access

In order to access your office PC remotely please ensure you have completed the steps below. For further information on each step, please select the required link.

  1. Enable your office PC to be switched on from home, the Wake on LAN (WOL) service.
  2. Register for the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and install the VPN Client.
  3. Setup the Remote Desktop Connection.

Stage 2: Accessing from home

Having set up your office PC, please follow the steps below to access your PC securely from home.

  1. Start the secure connection to the University network (Guide to using VPN).
  2. Switch on your office PC remotely (Guide to using WOL)
  3. Remotely access your office PC (Guide to using RDP).