eduroam Wireless Service

About eduroam

Eduroam ( education roaming) is part of an international federation of academic and research institutions which allows its users to visit other organizations and gain internet access using the same username and password as they would use at their home institution.

The service forms part of the eduroam Federation, which provides roaming wi-fi access between institutions throughout Europe, Taiwan and Australia. For more information see the global eduroam web site (external website).

The University has implemented the eduroam service as both a Home and Visited site (Tier 2 Service).

Using eduroam at the University

University Staff and Students

To help our staff, students and visitors set up their own devices for the eduroam service, IT Services has produced a number of simple How-to guides that can be viewed on-line or download and printed.

Visitors to the University

Visitors from other institutions that have the eduroam Home service at their institution should be able to automatically connect to the eduroam service at the University. Before visiting one of our campuses, we advise that visitors wishing to use the service should contact their own IT support to ensure that their equipment is correctly configured to use the service.

IMPORTANT : Please also note that support for eduroam users lies with the Home organisation and not the Visited site.

University Staff and Students visiting other institutions

Before you leave, we recommend that you check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam (eduroam availability)

Also make sure you have configured your device(s) and checked that it works on the eduroam service here at the University. Our How-to guides will help you, and can be viewed on-line or download and printed.

IMPORTANT : Some institutions put restrictions on their security settings. If your device is set up to work at the University, but you find that it isn’t supported at a Visited institution, you may have to set it up during your visit using that institution’s eduroam guidance for their local requirements.

Further Information

We do not support wired connectivity to our eduroam service.

More information about the UK’s eduroam service can be found on the eduroam(UK) web site (external).

All participants (institutions and individual users) are bound by the eduroam(UK) Policy (external), are expected to abide by their Home institution’s Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and, whilst visiting our campuses, by the University of South Wales’s AUP, which can be found in the USW Computer Regulations (PDF).

Further details of the Eduroam set up at the University of South Wales