The Facilitation and Publishing Team, who form part of the Technology Enhanced Learning Support team, offer advice, support and consultancy on the publishing of information for both the online and printed environment.

Many of the publications we have created in order to support staff and students within the University can be found on the new Technology-enhanced Academic Channel. This channel brings together a range of information, advice and resources about how you can make the most effective use of technology within your teaching practice, including Blackboard, online assessment, Web 2.0, audio and video.

To have a chat about the types of support or advice we can offer within this area please contact Sue Burnett.

iTunes U

The University of South Wales is proud to be the first university in Wales to host content on iTunes U— an online digital ‘store’ where you and your students can download audio and video files to play on a computer or iPod. The Technology Enhanced Learning Support team administers and manages the publication of content on iTunes U and will be happy to advise on any elements of your content which you think may be suitable for inclusion.

Find out about how you can contribute to iTunes U.

iBooks Textbooks

We also publish media-rich, Multitouch, iBooks Textbooks — our flagship first publication is Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs.