Asset Management & Procurement

The Business Support Team (BST) section of the IT Services Department has responsibilities for providing advice on hardware and software maintenance agreements and support facility arrangements.

This includes the management of services and negotiations with external suppliers. The unit also acts in an advisory capacity on the installation and upgrading services of IS hardware and software. Arrangements for successful implementation of these services are facility managed via outsourcing agreements. The managed services, as outlined, underpin both the Corporate and Academic provision of IS services in conjunction with the University’s IS strategy.

The University participates in the purchase and distribution of Microsoft software via the “EES” and “Select” Agreements, in accordance with the IS strategy for the majority of its PC users. The management of these agreements is the responsibility of BST.

IT Procurement

BST assists its University staff and student population in the provision of quotations for PC and related IT equipment and as part of the service is able to offer expert advice on specific IT technology requirements. IT procurement is undertaken with the approval of the purchasing department. BST continually monitors the IT market in relation to its PC, peripherals and services operations, and as part of this process, it continues to obtain improvements in lower costs, whilst improving efficiencies and maintaining current standards.

IT Catalogue

BST maintain a catalogue (web-based) of standardized specifications for PC’s, printers, peripherals and security items. The IT catalogue is produced via a supplier arrangement under the organisation and direction of BST, which is then distributed to University departments, via BST web pages. The IT catalogue forms part of the IS strategy for Corporate and Academic provision.

PC Systems/Notebooks
Security / Minor IT Hardware
Approved Suppliers

Maintenance Services

In support of the University’s installed PC user base, BST actively manages the IS maintenance services provided by external suppliers on behalf of departments. The main areas fall into three groups:-

On-site Services (current supplier PCs)

BST has, as part of the added value PC service to University customers, negotiated with its current PC supplier for the establishment of on-site engineers. This service has now been available for over 8 years and has, with the direction of BST, resulted in a much-improved service for the University’s customers.


BST offers value added maintenance services on printers. These are managed via the on-site engineer, this includes contracted and time and materials services.

Contact Details

Mike Lewis
Business Technical Support Officer
tel: 01443 48 2888

Tracey Balmer
Senior Software & Assets Co-ordinator
tel: 01443 48 3753