Anti-virus software

Due to changes in the Vendor’s licensing model, the University of South Wales regrets that we can no longer supply centrally procured anti-virus products for installation on personal equipment. The current version of Kaspersky, which may be installed on staff & student home PCs and Macs, will expire in March. Though the software will continue to run, the virus definitions may not be updated and your equipment will be at risk. You must remove the corporate anti-virus solution, if you have it, and you are advised to make use of one of the alternative free or paid anti-virus products, which can be downloaded from the internet.

For information on, and links to, many of the available anti-virus products,for Windows, please visit the Windows guidance on anti-virus suppliers

Mac users are also advised to install anti-virus products.
There are several free and paid anti-virus products available for Mac, many of which are referenced at the AV Comparatives website.

Please note that we accept no responsibility for the compatibility or performance of 3rd-party products.