NEW: Windows 10 in 10 minutes: the absolute basics to get you started

Also new on all campus PCs: Office 2016

One Windows to rule them all

The University is introducing Windows 10 to all campus PCs. It is the newest operating system from Microsoft, which blends the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as introducing new features. This page will give you a quick introduction to the key items.*

Whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone you can be using the same system: all Windows 10 devices share a single Windows Store, which offers access to Universal Windows Apps capable of running on all suitable computers and devices, no matter what their size.

The Start menu

The new Start menu offers the best of both worlds:

  • The left side is similar to the ‘classic’ Windows 7 Start menu, with your ‘Most Used’ applications as well as shortcuts to your account, settings, and power options.
  • The right side incorporates the ‘live tiles’ from Windows 8, which contain headlines, the latest weather, e-mail subject lines, and other up-to-date information from apps that support the feature.
  • The biggest change is the the introduction of Cortana, which you may already have used on a Windows phone. Cortana is a personal assistant which you control just by your voice. You can use it to set meetings, find things on your PC, ask what the weather is doing, and lots more. Cortana also controls the search box to the right of the Start button, once you’ve set it up (a quick process).

Windows 10 also includes a new tablet mode which will make it easier to use devices that lack a keyboard and mouse. It expands the Start menu to a full screen (which is different from the Windows 8.x Start screen). Note that the menu link in the upper left corner is three horizontal lines (sometimes called the ‘hamburger’ menu) — this shows or hides the menu items on the left side.

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Multiple desktops

Organise your day on your PC with different areas for different activities. You can quickly switch between different ‘desktops’, so, for example, you can sort your work on screen by different projects

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Microsoft Edge web browser

The Microsoft Edge browser is taking shape rapidly and has a number of important improvements in version 1511, including the ability to sync Favorites. However, it still lacks support for browser extensions, a feature that will not appear in the Current Branch until later this year and is not yet in preview builds.

Find out more about Microsoft Edge browser

Note: Personalisation

There are some significant differences between the Corporate version of Windows 10 (supplied to your University PC) and the Home version, with the latter offering greater personalisation. In the University supplied version of Windows 10, certain features and services have been removed or restricted, based on sector best practice. Technical details will be made available in autumn, 2016.