Using the University's Wake On LAN (WOL) Service

Wake on LAN (or WOL) is the ability to power up your computer remotely when you are not in the office. Here at the University we use a system called Wolserv. Below is a quick guide to using the service. You can also download this guide to using Wake On LAN

Registering for the first time

To use this feature you must first register your PC (please note you can only have one PC registered at a time).

First you will need to visit the WOL website :

  • Select the Register button.
  • You will be asked for your user ID.
  • Your computers MAC and IP address will already be filled in. (NB. MAC address and the IP address are both used to identify your PC on the network).
  • Then select the Submit button.
  • An email will be sent to Customer Support requesting a call be logged for you. The desktop technicians will then visit your office to set up your PC to enable it to accept WOL requests.

Waking up the PC

If you are off campus and need to “wake up” your computer you will first need to start the VPN client installed on your home computer.

Having successfully connected the VPN, or if you are on campus you will then need to wake up the PC by again visiting the WOL website :

  • Connect to the VPN and you will now be able to use remote desktop to connect to your machine.
  • This time click the Power On button.
  • Enter your user ID and select the PowerOn PC button.
  • When the PC is powered up you will get a message saying “Your computer is now on”. This can take some time as the PC runs through its start up processes and registers any updates etc. (Please be mindful of how long your computer normally takes in the morning to boot up).

Power off a machine remotely

To turn off your office PC remotely, within the Remote Desktop window select the Start button and select Windows Security (this has the same function of pressing Alt, Ctrl and Delete if you were physically at the computer). A menu will open with such options as Lock WorkStation, Log Off and Shut Down. Select Shut Down and your PC will shut down and your remote session will be terminated.