Teaching & Learning Services

A key aim of the University Information and Technology Strategy is to:

“Provide an ICT infrastructure that enables high quality learning, social and professional experiences for all students, staff and partners.”

All services are delivered in conjunction with IT Service Level agreements and IT Security Policies.

Teaching and Learning Services are made up of several elements:

Desktop Support Services

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Desktop and Classroom Support is provided by teams based on each of the campuses. Staff and Student desktop computers are maintained in line with departmental standards to ensure all equipment complies with patch management and software licencing policies. The teams work closely with faculties and departments to ensure computers are strategically located to support teaching and learning. The IT service provides incident resolution and problem management for the University standard gold image.

  • Providing recommendations to Divisions, Sections and Experiments in planning and purchasing computers that will be supported by Computing Division Desktop Support.
  • Installing and configuring desktops and laptops with an operating system and standard software applications as defined in the appropriate baselines on desktops. An updated list of supported hardware and software is available on the Computing Division Web pages.
  • During deployment, installing add-on software packages when requested by clients or identified during the interview process. Upgrade and replacement work will be completed at the client location (within Fermilab Site) if requested.
  • Provision of physical security devices, such as cable locks.
  • Assurance that supported desktops comply with lab security policies. This includes, when required, the cleaning and re-installation of a standard desktop image when a desktop has been compromised or is reallocated to another resource.
For more information visit the IT Facilities pages.

Mobile Device Management

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IT Services recognise that staff and students are increasingly mobile in the way they work, study and communicate. In response to the emerging trend for customers to utilise their own equipment to receive University IT applications, IT Servicesprovides a number of wireless network services, including a corporate wireless service for use by University owned devices and a separate wireless service for use by staff and students with their own devices. Existing wireless infrastructures have been designed and deployed with coverage as the main criteria which provides support for the majority of devices i.e. laptops, netbook, tablet and smartphone class devices.

The IT service also provides support for Eduroam (education roaming) which is part of an international federation of academic and research institutions which allows its users to visit other organizations and gain internet access using the same username and password as they would use at their home institution. The service also forms part of the eduroam Federation, which provides roaming Wi-Fi access between institutions throughout Europe, Taiwan and Australia. For more information see the global eduroam web site (external website).The Eduroam service provides you with internet access on wireless network connections for your own equipment. The University has implemented the eduroam service as both a Home and Visited site (Tier 2 Service).

The service is now available at a number of University locations and will underpin the development of future Mobile Device Management solutions and bring your own device initiatives.
A number of how to guides are available to assist users configure their own devices to work with University systems visit Bring Your Own Device BYOD or Bring Your Own Device BYOD Student Pages.

Laptop Support Services & student own device support

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Laptops are available for loan from the Library Helpdesks at every Campus. See Laptop loans

We will help students to connect personal devices to our Eduroam network, learning systems, printing services and their University email account.

Support for these services is easily accessed either on-line through our ‘how to… guides’ or through our customer contact system. Alternatively face to face support is available on any Campus or users can telephone for support on + 44 1443 4 82882.

Self-service Printing

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The IT service offers a chargeable staff and student printing system.Access to this is created automatically as part of your IT account. An active IT account will allow access to multi-functional device (MFD) print facilities from all University PCs. The MFDs are strategically located across all University campuses.

Specialist Equipment Services

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The University provides specialist equipment for courses that require more bespoke expert knowledge. Most of this equipment can be reserved through the Connect2 system or alternatively contact can be made with the specialists in these areas via IT Customer Support services.

Learning Spaces Support

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IT Services operate a rolling equipment replacement programme to ensure these areas are fit for purpose and continue to meet the latest needs of our student base. Daily technical support is also provided to ensure teaching facilities are running smoothly, this support is avaiable throughout the term for all learning spaces via IT Customer Support Services. Any specialist or additional support requirements can also be requested through IT Customer Support Services.

Contacting the Service