Professional Services

A key aim of the University Information and Technology Strategy is to:

“Provide an ICT infrastructure that enables high quality learning, social and professional experiences for all students, staff and partners.”

All services are delivered in conjunction with IT Service Level agreements and IT Security Policies.

Professional Services are made up of several elements:

Print & Design

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USW Print & Design we offer a range of print, design, copy and binding services for students, staff and external customers. Our friendly, experienced and helpful team can assist with all your printing needs. We also have three in-house graphic designers, providing a comprehensive design service. Our shop stocks essential stationery and art supplies conveniently located on the Treforest Campus.

For more information visit the Print & Design Services website.

IT Development

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The Development division is focused on the information and communication systems that underpin the activities of the University of South Wales. Our role encompasses the procurement, development, implementation, and support of information systems across the learning, teaching, research, administration and web communication spectrum.

In response to the continued and increased convergence of corporate, learning and web systems the Development Division has brought together a synergetic group of teams to produce integrated systems that support the University’s goal for efficient and effective operations.

Project Management

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The University has developed a Project Management Framework (PMF), which can be utilised to both manage our projects efficiently and effectively and provide a benchmark against which we can evaluate our success.

The PMF is based on best practice, using proven project management methodologies as its foundation. The approach is intended to be non-bureaucratic, providing, as much as possible, the right level of assistance when and where required. By committing to the PMF, the University ensures that projects are delivered to their maximum potential within a controlled environment.

No two projects are identical; the PMF allows for varying degrees of complexity and size between projects and scalability is built in, ensuring that the most appropriate level of requirements are applied to each project.

Customer Relationship Management

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The IT Services department are committed to providing an ICT infrastructure and associated services to deliver a high quality learning experience. This commitment is demonstrated by our approach to customer relationship management, where each campus has a dedicated IT contact manager responsible for all service enquiries. The IT contact Manager is responsible for maintaining a positive relationships with students and staff, identifying customer needs and ensuring that the catalogue of services are delivered to match customer expectations. The IT contact manager should be the first point of contact for all ICT related queries, including ICT developments.

Media & Course Production

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The IT Services department provides a wide range of services to support the use of media technologies in the learning and teaching spaces, including classroom/studio audio–video services, desktop-facilities, equipment loans, and live streaming of events.

For more information visit the Media and Technical Support Services pages.

Identity Management

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The IT service provides the administration for central IT authentication services. The availability, confidentiality and integrity of IT applications are managed in line with industry best practice and adhere to the University Information Governance policies. Identity management is key to the delivery of the right services to the right customer with the appropriate access rights. IT services ensures that identity management is managed on the basis of efficiency, i.e. streamlined user provisioning for new account creation and password resets, productivity, i.e. simplified access to systems, single sign on, role based delivery of IT services and security, deliver of IT systems that ensure information is available within the boundaries of confidentiality and maintaining integrity to data at all times.

IT Consultancy & External Projects

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We provide technical support and advice for all University projects. Our Development division (ISD) maintains and develops the vast majority of corporate systems and provides relationship management for externally hosted systems.

Contacting the Service