Business Services

A key aim of the University Information and Technology Strategy is to:

“Provide an ICT infrastructure that enables high quality learning, social and professional experiences for all students, staff and partners.”

All services are delivered in conjunction with IT Service Level agreements and IT Security Policies.

Business Services are made up of several elements:


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The University IT Service provides support for three different e-mail platforms, Students (Google Mail), Staff (Locally hosted Exchange) and Office 365 (Outlook Web Access). All mail platforms will include the support necessary to facilitate e-mail administration and the technical support associated with the IT infrastructure. The IT service has also incorporated security measures to minimise the impact of spam mail in line with industry standards.

Office Applications

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The University IT Service facilitates access to the Microsoft Office suite of applications via a Microsoft Enrolment Education Solutions Licence agreement. The agreement provides usage rights to the latest Microsoft Enterprise software products including Office 2013. The IT service deploys a Gold Software Image across all Student equipment which includes Office 2013.

The IT service ensures that the Gold Software Image is up to date, and carry out proactive maintenance works to ensure all products comply to central patch management and security compliance standards. All software is subject to the University Software Licence Policy.

For more information visit the Desktop & Classroom Support pages.

Web Services

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The IT service is responsible for the technical delivery of the University’s web services, across the internal and external sites, Including:

  • Management of the web infrastructure;
  • Monitoring and maintenance of website performance;
  • Advice to the business on all aspects of web development and web technologies;
  • Support for the procurement and implementation of new web technologies.

Business Applications

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IT Services are responsible for the development, management, monitoring and service improvement programmes associated with the University Data Centre environment. This infrastructure underpins the wider delivery of the University’s corporate business applications.

The IT service currently provides infrastructure support services to over 100 different applications used across the University ranging from large scale systems like HR and Pay to smaller bespoke systems. The IT service develops and manages the IT infrastructure to accommodate the wide range of software applications in use and IT specialists ensure the applications are managed in accordance with the business needs of the faculty. All applications are subject to scheduled maintenance checks and upgrades as well as day to day administration. Faculties have applications unique to their business needs and the diversity of applications make for a complex environment for the IT Service to support. Due to the complexity and business importance of the systems, the IT service develop and manage relationships with 3rd party contractors and partners to ensure all systems are developed and managed within a framework of industry best practice.

Asset Management/Contract Management/Procurement Services

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The IT Services Department provides advice on hardware and software maintenance agreements and support facility arrangements. This includes the management of services and negotiations with external suppliers. The service also acts in an advisory capacity on the installation and upgrading services of hardware and software. The University participates in the purchase and distribution of Microsoft software via the “Campus” and “Select” Agreements.

For more information visit the Procurement of IT pages.

Learning Systems

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The IT service provides support for Strategic Business Process Owners Group (SBPOG)-approved projects including consultancy, training, advice, guidance and documentation across a broad range of areas including: The IT Service work collaboratively with a range of academic and support teams across the University to support the wider Technology-enhanced Learning teaching strategy.

  • Approaches to Blended and Distance Online Learning
  • Publishing (online and print)
  • Online Assessment

The IT service also offer support in the use of tools such as

  • Blackboard
  • QuestionMark Perception

Contacting the Service