IT Facilities (Computer Labs & Loans)

What type of facilities we offer, when and where

Here at the University, our ICT facilities are provided in a number of locations across the five campuses with onsite support staff, to enable us to support students’ needs better. There are currently over 3,000 PCs and Macs available in purpose-built computer laboratories (‘labs’) or via our loan services.

The computers labs are offered through a combination of open-access facilities, timetabled teaching laboratories and specialist laboratories such as CAD/design or language/multimedia, etc. All labs are equipped with a range of computers running up-to-date operating systems, applications and bespoke software. Most of our labs are air conditioned, and open-access labs have helpdesks and/or support teams to assist students with general enquiries.

When labs are not scheduled for teaching purposes, they are available to all students. Timetabling notices and applications are identified via door notices.

As it is our intention to provide a safe, comfortable and professional service to enable our students focus on academic studies, so it is our policy to have computers centrally updated and controlled. This ensures that the applications are set up to function consistently and correctly throughout all our campuses on a secure and robust platform.

The policy for this provision is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that the University remains at the cutting edge of ICT technology. In addition, all computer laboratories comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations, and where possible have specialist equipment/desks and software to cater for those students with special need requirements.

Accessing the computer facilities

Whilst we aim to ensure that the computers that are provided on campus are as fault free and stable as possible, we recognise that sometimes, things can go wrong. It is vitally important that you save your work on a regular basis.

Treforest, Glyntaff, Cardiff campuses

Checking computer availability
Students can view how many computers an open access computer laboratory has, and how many of the computers are free to use. This information is available via the PC Open Access Availability webpage.

Laptop loans
You will find information about how to borrow a laptop on our Student IT and Media channel: On Your Campus: Media and Equipment.

Software / Software on Demand
A wide variety of software programmes is installed on University PCs or are available on demand, including specialist and professional software suites. You can find out what software is available in computer labs on our Treforest, Glytaff and Cardiff campuses via our online Labsoft database.

Free wi-fi access across each campus

The University provides campus-wide internet and wireless network services free to staff, students and authorised guests offering a flexible way to access online resources across the University campuses.

Online payment systems

Across the University, we are working towards achieving a Cashless Campus, so that you can pay for selected services online or in advance.To access the online payment area, go to the Self-service Account Administration (SSAA) website.