ICT Strategy

The University of South Wales is committed to the use and enhancement of ICT in all aspects of University life. The strategy seeks to transform services and business processes in key areas, re-engineering and integrating as appropriate.

Drawing on the University’s strategic aims, the ICT vision is one of enhancement and enablement in a digital world where business processes, educational opportunities and information services, are available online. The strategy seeks to be supportive in learning teaching and research, but also to act as a catalyst for change in business structure and processes.

Working as a key enabler to the University of South Wales’s strategy, our goals are:

  • To deliver a pedagogically sound learning and teaching experience which engages the learner and supports those delivering teaching in their role.
  • To use ICT to deliver efficient and cost-effective services.
  • To deploy ‘fit for purpose’ ICT infrastructure and services to support the University in realising its strategic ambitions for our students, applied research & innovation, and engagement.

The ICT Strategy document is available here.